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Aliens (1986)

One of the premier physical cinematic experiences, bar none. I can only imagine the added impact of seeing Aliens on the big screen. Comparing James Cameron’s sequel to its predecessor is akin to comparing apples and oranges. Aliens is a clever divergence from the cerebral, psychosexual, intimate horror of Ridley Scott’s original, with Cameron opting to not only widen […]

King Arthur (2017)

In a studio climate where most of the output is polished and pressed for inoffensive and familiar, King Arthur feels like, at times, a breath of fresh air. I say, “at times” because much of the film is still mired in studio meddling and warring with its director, Guy Ritchie, whose knack for blue collar, cockney cool finds […]

Thunderball (1965)

After two Fleming-faithful Terence Young helmed pictures, director Guy Hamilton took over for 1964’s Goldfinger; which is perhaps the most acclaimed, and certainly the most influential, 007 film of all-time. With a substantially larger budget and director change, Goldfinger shaved away some of the harder thriller elements of Young’s films in favor of blockbuster spectacle, and under Hamilton’s […]

Logan (2017)

The year is 2029. The world is in a state of decay and decline. The X-Men are long gone. It’s telling that the film is set primarily in a desert, with Logan himself living in a self-imposed exile south of the border, in a shelter harboring two of the remaining known mutants (“Professor X” and […]

Rogue One (2016)

Iconic Hoth Battle set piece notwithstanding, the Star Wars saga has often given less thought to its title than one might expect. Gareth Edwards (director of 2014’s Godzilla) has arrived to remedy that with Rogue One, the latest installment in the ever expanding franchise and the first to find its way in between existing entries. It exists solely […]

Ghosts of Mars (2001)

In almost every way, Ghosts of Mars registers as a “lesser” entry from John Carpenter. The picture is essentially an amalgamation (die hards would use the word “distillation” but that’s giving the movie a bit too much credit) of a large handful of the director’s movies. I use “amalgamation” rather than “distillation” because Ghosts of Mars is very much […]

The Steel Helmet (1951)

Made for just $10,000, it’s surprising just how well The Steel Helmet works on so many different levels. It’s ostensibly a straight forward story: we follow Zack (Gene Evans), the sole survivor of an American POW unit, and a South Korean orphan (William Chun) across the war torn landscape as they group up with another infantry unit […]