Deadpool (2016)

Fans of the character will be more than happy with Deadpool‘s no-nonsense, you-get-what-you-get onslaught of crude comedy and violence (enhanced, of course, by CGI gore). This is absolutely the “Merc with a Mouth” – a very active mouth – leading man Ryan Reynolds snaps off vulgar one-liners and inane arrangements of various swear words relentlessly. Indeed, “onslaught” and “relentless” are the right words to describe Deadpool, and not all of it works. Much of it feels quite forced, and many more than a few moments fall so flat it hurts, but there are flashes of greatness, namely in its light hearted prodding at the superhero genre. Any and all references to the X-Men movies (such as one gag in which a confused Deadpool asks Colossus if he’s being taken to see Stewart or McAvoy, because he just can’t keep the story lines straight) got at least a smirk or chuckle out of me, as well as Wade Wilson’s violently destructive brand of visual comedy (watching him punch and kick the metallic Colossus repeatedly, only to break more and more bones each time, is pretty hilarious).

What is most humorous about Deadpool, though, is that despite its playful razzing of the genre it ultimately works as a kooky-but-charming love story, often feeling far warmer and more genuine, despite its raunchy vulgarity, than its PG-13 rated peers. I should also mention here that at a briskly paced 100-minutes, the film is far leaner than those it sends up as well, with some killer action to boot (although this is more of a twisted romantic comedy/origin story than an action thriller). Deadpool is rapid-fire (frequently exhausting), and extremely, almost unbearably juvenile – but hey, that’s the character, and I admire the filmmakers for staying true to it and not pulling any punches. Reynolds is clearly having the time of his life, and he ultimately won me over.



  1. Great review! Although I didn’t love Deadpool *quite* as much as I was hoping too, it was still an entertaining movie. I think the next one will be stronger, since they’ve got the origin story out of the way and can just turn Deadpool loose in the sequel.

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    1. Yeah Its not great by any means. People over hype it. But it is fun.

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      1. There seems to be a lot of praise for it, so it’s nice to find someone else whose feelings mirrored my own! 😉

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      2. I’m glad it’s doing well though just because It’s different and has a lot of passion behind it.

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      3. Agreed! And I definitely want to see what they’ll do with the sequel.

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