007 Introductions: Ranked

I’m likely one of the biggest James Bond fans on WordPress. I’m also a big fan of lists, ranked lists. What better way to introduce my overly in-depth series of 007 related posts with a ranking of all of the classic, “Bond… James Bond” introductions throughout the series. It might come as a surprise to some, but 007 himself only utters the iconic line (in the official EON canon) in 17 films, not the full 23. For the sake of consistency, I’m only including the first time 007 introduces himself (this would rule out the second time Pierce Brosnan delivers the line in The World Is Not Enough). Yes, I’m aware this is the most insignificant ranked list on the internet. Yes, I’m aware that I’m obsessed.

I’ve pasted “specific time URLs” from a nice little video that contains all of them, except for Diamonds are Forever, for each entry.

#17: George Lazenby, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service
Far too chipper, far too gung-ho, far too enthusiastic. The very antithesis of James Bond as a character. What’s more, one would think that with all of that happiness and boy scout attitude Lazenby would have at least brought that sense of ego, charisma, and machismo. Sadly, no. https://youtu.be/TXxKZkE2MGo?t=33

#16: Sean Connery, Diamonds are Forever
This one is really, really poorly dubbed, and Connery’s voice just sounds weird.

#15: Roger Moore, Moonraker
This one loses points for not being focused on Moore’s face as he begins the line. That said, his charm here is really dialed up to 11. https://youtu.be/TXxKZkE2MGo?t=45

#14: Roger Moore, A View to a Kill
Moore’s delivery here isn’t bad. It’s a damn shame, then, that it cuts to Tanya “snuck up on by an airship” Roberts as he delivers the final half of the line. For that, it goes here. https://youtu.be/TXxKZkE2MGo?t=64

#13: Pierce Brosnan, The World Is Not Enough
C’mon Brosnan?! Where’s that self-aggrandizing, self-important display of ego? From here on out they’re all good, this one just doesn’t have enough charisma, not enough punch. https://youtu.be/TXxKZkE2MGo?t=83

#12: Timothy Dalton, The Living Daylights
Dalton delivers this line with literally zero theatrical flair (seriously, there is no pause before he gives his full name) but there’s something about the no-nonsense, matter of fact way he shoots it off that I like. https://youtu.be/TXxKZkE2MGo?t=69

#11: Roger Moore, For Your Eyes Only
This one’s so different because, while he still does the pause for effect, Moore’s delivery here is nothing but disarming charm. What separates this vastly, then, from Lazenby’s delivery is in that he doesn’t come across like a schoolboy who just got picked first in gym class. https://youtu.be/TXxKZkE2MGo?t=50

#10: Pierce Brosnan, Die Another Day
Like everything else in the film, this is over-the-top and dialed up to 11, and I love it for it. They even cut away between “Bond” and “James Bond” for heightened effect, and Brosnan really hams it up. https://youtu.be/TXxKZkE2MGo?t=89

#9: Roger Moore, The Spy Who Loved Me
He’s in the tuxedo, he’s in an exotic club, and he comes off serious, but the twinkle in ole Roger’s eye keeps it fun. Straight forward and awesome. https://youtu.be/TXxKZkE2MGo?t=42

#8: Pierce Brosnan, GoldenEye / Tomorrow Never Dies
These are interchangeable for me. Brosnan revels in it, takes a nice long pause, and delivers it with so much ego that it almost hurts. Almost. I do love the theatricality of both of these (especially that zoom in Tomorrow Never Dies, so maybe that one gets the edge) but they go no higher because Brosnan seems a bit too self conscious of the fact that he’s playing James Bond. https://youtu.be/TXxKZkE2MGo?t=72

#6: Roger Moore, Octopussy
We have reached the “super six” (aka, the ones I really love). Everything about this one is awesome, and context makes it even better. Bond recognizes that Kamal Khan is cheating but decides to beat him at his own game as opposed to calling him on it outright. They’re in an exotic casino, Bond is wearing the white tuxedo, and Moore nails it. It comes off effortlessly, yet has a big impact. https://youtu.be/TXxKZkE2MGo?t=55

#5: Roger Moore, Live and Let Die
The music really makes this one better, although I love the smirk on Moore’s fact, and how utterly at ease he is moments away of being led out to a dingy alley to be executed. Groovy, sexy, classy, and full of bravado. https://youtu.be/TXxKZkE2MGo?t=36

#4: Daniel Craig, Skyfall
If Skyfall as a film was chronicling Bond’s fall and struggle to become the “old James Bond” again, this is the moment where I think he’s really “back” (although the exchange with Silva would have us believe differently). Craig is effortlessly cool here (note that effortless is a word I’ve used a lot for my favorites here) and I love the way he nearly cuts off Marlohe. Confidence and charisma levels are off the charts.  https://youtu.be/TXxKZkE2MGo?t=125

#3: Sean Connery, Goldfinger
The music helps (sorry the video is edited as if its pressed for time) but this succeeds mostly due to Connery’s gigantic amount of swagger, screen presence and sexual magnetism. I don’t even care that he’s wearing… whatever that is. https://youtu.be/TXxKZkE2MGo?t=29

#2: Daniel Craig, Casino Royale
Casino Royale as a film was all about “Bond becoming Bond,” and this is that exact moment. Vesper has hardened his heart and turned him into that sarcastic, sardonic, egotistic, unflappably cool super spy we all know and love. I don’t care about how Quantum of Solace tries to say that “wait wait wait, Bond isn’t Bond just yet guys.” In fact, let’s all just forget that movie. David Arnold’s music here is fantastic, and Craig is in full swagger, I-know-exactly-who-I-am mode, and his delivery is fantastic. Gives me chills. https://youtu.be/TXxKZkE2MGo?t=103

#1: Sean Connery, Dr. No
By far the coolest thing I have ever seen in my entire life. https://youtu.be/TXxKZkE2MGo?t=22


Thanks for reading! You can find more 007 related posts here.



  1. Really, really great post. It’s been on my bucket list to catchup on every Bond film to date as I haven’t seen anything outside of the Craig films ( I know, I know…).

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    1. Get to it!

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